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Glanzstücke: Vaulting Catsuits by Johanna Hestermeyer

Johanna from the brand Glanzstücke has designed and made the catsuits for the German national squad to compete at the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tryon. Her unique and handmade vaulting dresses are absolutely stunning, so we have talked to her about her passion and her designs!

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A New Vaulting Outfit during a Summer in Full Swing

Some of you are chilling at the pool, or sipping a mojito at the beach, but others are sweating to get ready for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon! In both cases, a bit of shopping for a new vaulting outfit won’t kill anybody, and it can even boost your motivation in case you’re a serial shopper! Let’s see the cool products of this summer that match our vaulting lifestyle:Read More

Sense of Horses: Flags Fever

Tryon 2018 is coming, and the competing nations are getting prepared at home for their qualifications and for the final fight in September. A French vaulter got a smart idea creating vaulting tights with flags of vaulting nations! We love the idea and we wanted to share the news with you. Moreover, we got a nice surprise for you below, so make sure to read until the end 😉 Read More

Conrad & Lauren: a new vaulting brand

Vaulting World always supports new initiatives from our community, that’s why we wanted to make you discover these two guys and their fabulous brand: Conrad & Lauren.

Lucky us, we have received our favourite leggings from Conrad & Lauren to try it on and tell you more about the feeling of wearing something different: The model Espri-Gold.

We love the combination of white and gold and a bit of yellow for some details. The design is pure and elegant so we are definitely in love with this model! The fabric is soft and thick enough so you don’t have to worry about wearing white pants 😉

Regarding the feeling while training, it is very much appreciable that the waistband is tight and high to the belly button more or less. In two words, chic and comfy!

To get yours, you just need 54,94 € and a click here to get to their shop.

About Conrad & Lauren

“I am Lauren, an international vaulter of Belgium, 21 years old. Konraad is my friend and also my lunger. He’s busy in the ICT world.”

Lauren Vanlerberghe has been vaulting for 10 years. Before starting with equestrian vaulting she did gymnastics and acrobatics. She has won the Belgian Vaulting Championship seven times in a row and competes internationally.

Konraad Vergauwen trains the vaulting horses lunging and riding. Together with Lauren he has been Belgian Champion four times as her lunger.

How did you start the project together?

We give vaulting and lunging clinics and shows in Belgium with the name Conrad&Lauren. We already had the idea to make an own brand in sport clothes two years ago but never made it real. Last year I got the first legging from Konraad as my christmas present. It’s a legging printed with a photo of me and our horse Espri competing in Wiesbaden. I liked it a lot and this made the start of our own webshop.

What is your ambition? Are you planning to diversify your activity?

There are still new designs every week, we also make tops, phone cases and bags. All these products can be printed with a design out of our store or any design the customer wants.

Is it a full-time job?

No, Konraad has his full time job in software sector and I’m still studying psychology. Konraad made the webshop and every order goes automatically.

Who makes the design?

We both do, some are made by Konraad, some are mine, some are made together. But the costumer can also create his own design. Any photo, color, text…

How do you promote the brand?

Specially with the social media, we were already in the newspaper in Belgium!

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes, we sell all over the world, we have already sold leggings to Austria, Romania, The Netherlands…

Are you going to competitions to sell your products?

No, not yet 😉 Maybe later, this year maybe at CVI Belgium.

Are you targeting only vaulters or also other disciplines such as yoga?

Our leggings are made for all athletes, not only for vaulters. The leggings can be used for Yoga, athletics, gymnastics, fitness,…And vaulting of course 😉

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The VW Marketplace

We are happy to announce that the VW Marketplace is online! From now on you can visit it on

We have worked very hard on it in order to provide you the best vaulting marketplace experience possible. So we hope you like it!

The VW Marketplace is:

> global

> multi-language: English, German, French and Spanish 

> for secondhand and new products

> available on mobile and desktop

However, if you have any feedback or suggestion for us, please feel free to contact us. We are just at the beginning of our adventure and we would love to improve and keep growing together with you!

Best regards,
Your VW Team


Wir freuen uns, ankündigen zu können, dass unser VW Marktplatz online ist! Ab sofort könnt ihr ihn auf besuchen.

Wir haben sehr hart daran gearbeitet, um euch die bestmögliche Erfahrung zu bieten. Wir hoffen, er gefällt euch!

Der Marktplatz ist:

> global

> mehrsprachig: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch und Spanisch

> für gebrauchte und neue Produkte

> auf dem Handy und Computer verfügbar

Falls ihr Feedback oder Anregungen für uns habt, könnt ihr uns gerne kontaktieren. Wir sind gerade erst am Anfang unseres Abenteuers und freuen uns darauf, besser zu werden und zusammen mit euch zu wachsen!

Liebe Grüße
Euer VW Team


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que notre VW Marketplace est en ligne! Rendez-vous sur

Nous avons travaillé dur pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience possible. On espère que ça vous plaira!

La boutique en ligne est:

> globale

> multilingue: anglais, allemand, français et espagnol

> pour les produits neufs et d’occasion

> disponible sur smartphone et ordinateur

Si vous avez des idées ou suggestions à partager, s’il vous plaît, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous débutons tout juste notre aventure avec l’envie de nous améliorer et de grandir avec et grâce à vous.

A très vite,
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¡Estamos felices de anunciar que nuestro VW Marketplace está online! A partir de ahora podéis visitarlo en

Hemos trabajado duro en ello para daros la mejor experiencia posible. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

La tienda online es:

> global

> multilingüe: Inglés, Alemán, Francés, y Español

> para productos nuevos y de segunda mano

> disponible en el móvil y el ordenador

Si tenéis ideas o sugerencias para nosotros, por favor, no dudéis en contactarnos. Acabamos de empezar con nuestra aventura y tenemos ganas de mejorar y crecer junto con vosotros.

Un saludo,
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Spring Party

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” — Robin Williams

The VW team is based in Spain as you might know… We are luckier than most of you regarding weather conditions, but still! We are very excited to train under the sunshine again and party! Let’s focus on the new trends to get the perfect Spring Party Outfit.Read More