Vaulting Competitions 2019

The season 2019 is about to start and many exciting events are waiting for vaulting fans this year. We have prepared a monthly overview of important vaulting competitions 2019 for you:Read More

Glanzstücke: Vaulting Catsuits by Johanna Hestermeyer

Johanna from the brand Glanzstücke has designed and made the catsuits for the German national squad to compete at the FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 in Tryon. Her unique and handmade vaulting dresses are absolutely stunning, so we have talked to her about her passion and her designs!

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Vaulting in the Olympics?

It has been a dream of many vaulters, and it’s getting closer to a reality: we might see vaulting in the Youth Olympics Games (YOG) soon. If you wonder how, keep reading!

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10 skills of a perfect vaulting groom

Being a groom is not easy, especially for a vaulting team. You need to be everywhere and take care of everyone, athletes, lungers and our four-legged partners. Practice, expertise and attention are required. But what makes a perfect vaulting groom? Read on to know what 10 skills a groom should definitely bring!

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